Moen ® and Delta ® – Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

All Drains proudly sales and installs both Moen ® and Delta ® products. There are a number of reasons why Moen ® and Delta ® are widely regarded as industry favorites. The bright and beautiful designs can give any living space a rejuvenated look. Moen ® and Delta ® have a wide variety of products of different themes, and they all feature finishes guaranteed to last a lifetime.

For the bathroom, we offer bathroom faucets, tub and shower faucets, and bathroom accessories. For the kitchen, we have kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, and kitchen accessories. For those in commercial industries, we have you covered there, as well, with commercial-grade faucets and fixtures.

RootX ® – Kills pipeline roots—restore pipe flow capacity

The patented RootX ® formula foams on contact with water to reach the top of the pipe—where 90% of the roots are. Dead roots decay over time, restoring your pipes to their full capacity. And RootX ® is guaranteed to keep your pipes root-free.

Tough on roots; easy on pipes

RootX ® kills roots using the aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil. It’s non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic, and it contains no diquat dibromide, copper sulfate or metam sodium. RootX ® will not harm pipes, wastewater treatment operations or above-ground vegetation.

Bio-Clean ® – Natural drain cleaner that really works, and save you money.

Go Green with Bio-Clean ® natural drain cleaner. It does not just treat the symptoms of drain troubles, it removes the cause of the problem which is why it is guaranteed to work. It’s been around for decades. A truly GREEN product for homes and institutions.